Istituto Tecnico Agrario "Giuseppe Garibaldi" Roma




Welcome!ITA "GIUSEPPE GARIBALDI" of Rome is a technical school that comes from the Scuola Podere opened in Valmontone thanks to the Ministry of Agriculture and the Province of Rome in 1872.

At the end of 1875, the school was transferred to Rome in a farmhouse of S. Pio V, a villa owned by the prince Corsini, on Gianicolo, between Porta San Pancrazio and Porta Cavalleggeri.

In 1882 the School Podere was changed into Practical school of Agriculture and became independent. Later on, thanks to the law on June 6th 1885,the practical school of Agriculture of Rome became dependent from the Ministry of Agriculture and Trade, and was no more autonomous.

In 1907 the school was placed temporally in some rooms of Tenuta San Alessio in Ardeatina street (read in italian), where it is nowadays.

On may 1923 there was the building project of a boarding school by the Practical school of Agriculture in Rome and it was finished in 1928. The ancient external buildings became accessory services.

In 1933 with the law of June 13th 1931 n. 889 the school became The State Technical School of Agriculture.

Nowadays the school is at 524 Ardeatina street between Grotta Perfetta street and Vigna Murata street.

It has got a male boarding school with a canteen and a farm of about 67 hts. as a didactic laboratory for the students.


To reach the ITA "G. Garibaldi"

  • Underground B (S. Paolo stop) and 766 as far as Ardeatina street
  • Underground B (Laurentina stop) and 765 or 702 as far as Vigna Murata street
  • Underground A (Arco di Travertino) and 765 as far as Vigna Murata street
  • Underground A (S. Giovanni) and 218 as far as Ardeatina street



The Boarding School: to feel at Home


ingresso convittoThe central body of the Boarding school is a modern building, built on a basement with rooms for the students and all the services.
The girls-students are in another building within the school-farm.

In the central building there are:

On the ground floor: the hall, 4 big rooms with a library, staff offices, a dining room with a self-service, bathrooms, kitchen and a cellar, a room to wash up.

On the first floor: a big hall, 16 bedrooms with 3 beds each, a room for the staff. All the rooms have got a bathroom inside.

On the second floor: The same rooms like the first floor

On the basement: wardrobe, laundrette, services for the kitchen and canteen staff. A lift links all the floors.

The building is placed inside a garden with a football field and some alleys.

The students who study and sleep  in the boarding school generally live far from the school, many kms away, so they come back home during the weekend or they have got a permission to go out in  the afternoon, during the week.

Some students have their meal at the school canteen and after studying they come back home, late in the afternoon. Some other students can pay their meal bill within 9,30 a.m. and after lunch go away


The families are interested in the drugs lack and in their sons studies. The students are helped by the boarding staff teachers in their room or in the common hall.


Educational people: teachers

Technical people: A nurse, cooks and housekeepers

Auxiliary staff: school collaborators

An external doctor cures the students when necessary.


The students have got 18 rooms for the night rest, 6 rooms  for their break, a garden with a sport field.


There are some students coming from abroad, some coming from Piemonte, Puglia and Sicily and some others coming not very far away( 40 kms).


The headmaster is the responsible of the boarding school.

The chief coordinator helps the headmaster for the right development of the activities and the projects made. The school boarding teachers carry out all the educational activities, organizing all the cultural and the free time activities, helping the different teachers of the schools attended.


It is of 3.000,00 euro a year for the students comprising room and board, cleaning and washing, the doctors assistance except medicines, and of 1.500,00 euro for snacks and dinners.

It is necessary to leave a deposit when the student is applied, then it will be delivered (250,00 euro).


It is possible to guest some sport groups or students during their educational tours in summer when the school is closed. It is necessary to pay 36,15 euro a day, a person, and for room and board 20,66 in a triple room with an Italian breakfast 7,75 euro.


Farm Services

serraThe agricultural farm is important for the students practice and its considered a multi disciplinary laboratory.

It has got a surface of 67 hts. divided into vineyard, olive trees and fruit trees and grass crops.

Theres the production of wine made by the school wine cellar, and of olive oil made by the school olive mill.

The grass crop production is used for the school animals.

The farm practices are made by agricultural machines with internal workers, while some farm practices like wheat harvest, maize cutting are made by an external staff.

The zootechnical centre comprises milk cows (Frisona breed) with different milk or meat cows, calves and a bull. Artificial fecundation provides a chosen breed and a group of meat oxen of different breeds.

The Olive mill produces olive oil from 1200 school olive trees and its open to the territory, too.

The glasshouses (about 2.000 m2) produce ornamental plants thanks to the students work and are sold outside.

The school wine cellar makes white and red wine that is sold.

The Museum of Ancient Agricultural machines is the major pride of the school.